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The Preschool Christian Learning Center hires teachers throughout the school year as the need arises. If you would like to apply for a teaching position, please complete an application online.

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My favorite thing about working at CLC is sharing the love of Christ with our kiddos! I also love the amazing friendships I’ve formed with other CLC teachers.—Ms. Jamie
I love working at CLC because we get to teach littles about Jesus. And I love working with Christian women; the friendships are lifelong!— Ms. Kathi
I love working at CLC because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. This truly creates a family environment. I work with some awesome and dedicated staff. We have the opportunity to have a positive impact on children’s lives and make a real difference every day.— Ms. Petya
It is such a privilege and a blessing to be a part of what God is doing here at CLC and help plant seeds of His love in the hearts and minds of the children who attend this amazing school!— Ms. Joanna
When I started working at CLC 10 years ago, it was simply to give myself and my 15-month-old daughter “something to do.” I soon learned that CLC isn’t just a preschool. CLC is a ministry. I have been challenged to learn the Bible, pray for friends and families, and be the hands and feet of God. My then 15-month-old is now almost 11 years old. My son just graduated CLC pre-K. Our family is so thankful for the blessing this program has been!”— Ms. April