CLC Tuition/Fees


Prestonwood is currently enrolling for all available spots remaining for the 2022-2023 school year. Check with the office for availability.

Registration Packet (2022-2023)

Registration Fees

A non-refundable registration fee is collected at the time of registration.
This fee is collected each school year.

$200 First child
$175 Second child
$150 Third + child

Supply Fees

Supply fees are collected twice a year, both in the fall and in the spring.

Fall - $75
Spring - $75

The fall supply fee is due with the August payment and the spring supply fee is due with the January payment.

Tuition Rates

For your convenience, you have the option of either paying the annual tuition in full or paying with the installment plan. On the installment plan, we have divided the annual tuition into 10 equal monthly payments to be paid out over the CLC School Year. You may pay your tuition in full, in advance if you choose. There are no discounts if paid in advance.

One Day a Week
Annual Tuition - $1,900
Installment (10 Mos.) - $190

Two Days a Week
Annual Tuition - $2,950
Installment (10 Mos.) - $295

*Pre-kindergarten children are required to attend both days.

The full payment amount is expected for all children enrolled whether present or not. Please keep in mind that you are paying for the space reserved for your child in a classroom, not for your child’s attendance. Thus, to hold that space, payment must be made regardless of attendance.